Praseodymium (Pr)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPraseodymium is a chemical element with symbol Pr and atomic number 59. Praseodymium is a soft, silvery, malleable and ductile metal in the lanthanide group. It is valued for its magnetic, electrical, chemical, and optical properties.

Praseodymium in the periodic table

Atomic number59
Element categoryLanthanide

Physical properties

Phase at STPSolid
Density6.77 g/cm3
Atomic weight140.908 u
Melting point1208 K
934.85 °C
1714.73 °F
Boiling point3403 K
3129.85 °C
5665.73 °F

Atomära egenskaper

Electronegativity (Pauling Scale)1.13
Electron affinity93 kJ/mol
Ionization energies
1527 kJ/mol
2 1020 kJ/mol
3 2086 kJ/mol
4 3761 kJ/mol
5 5551 kJ/mol

Electron configuration

Electron configuration1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10 4f3 5s2 5p6 6s2
Electrons per shell2, 8, 18, 21, 8, 2


Discovered byCarl Auer von Welsbach